1. Be friendly and considerate to your fellow sisters and introduce yourselves to your group before setting off on your run.

2. Sisters run at their own risk and should be particularly aware of their own welfare in adverse weather conditions.

3. Do not run if you are unwell or suffering from an injury which running would exacerbate.

4. Always follow the instructions of the Leader of your group run.

5. Abide by Health & Safety/Insurance requirements, including:

    • running on pavements unless unavailable;
    • at pedestrian /zebra crossings, ensure all runners in your group cross together;
    • wear HiViz running clothing AT ALL TIMES AND ALWAYS when running in dark or gloomy conditions.

6. Always operate the PEEL BACK system – do not stop, keep running by peeling back. If slower runners behind, peel back to let them run on ahead like a crocodile. Those slower runners should keep on running, do not stop. Faster runners get a better run by peeling back.

7. DO NOT run ahead and leave other runners in your group behind. NEVER leave a runner behind unless TWO Sisters have agreed to run back to club together. No Sister should ever run on her own.

8. At least one runner per group MUST carry a mobile phone on a run. Check this before you leave for your run.

9. RUN IN THE RIGHT GROUP FOR YOU – If you are struggling or others are having to peel back more than 5 times a run, you need to run in the next group down. Always welcome Sisters wishing to try a faster group and be accommodating.

10. If you have any concerns or queries, contact a Committee Member on club night or email